fact ERP


Course Duration: 7.5 hours

FACT Software helps clients by reducing duplication and processing transactions in real-time mode. As a result, the senior managers get updated reports instantaneously and make all decisions based on real-time reports, instead of double-guessing the situation. In the process, clients gain a greater insight into their businesses, not possible otherwise.

Installation of Fact

  • System requirement
  • Fact installation

Basic accounting concept

  • Meaning of accounting
  • Concept of double entry
  • Accounting equation
  • Fundamental accounting principle
  • Accounting cycle
  • Accounting terminologies
  • Rules of debit & credit
  • practice session

Books of account maintained in An organization

  • journals
  • Cash book
  • purchase day book
  • Sales day book
  • purchase returns book
  • Sales returns book
  • Journal proper
  • practice session

Accounting software

  • Difference between manual accounting & computerized accounting.

Transaction mode

  • Entry receipt ( single and multiple)
  • Entry payment ( single and multiple)
  • Entry journal
  • Entry perform invoice/quotation
  • Entry purchase and report
  • Entry sales and report
  • Inventory issue and finished goods receipt
  • Adjustment of goods and documents


  • Balance sheet display and printing
  • Profit and loss a/c display and printing

Creation mode

  • Fact accounting software
  • Feature of Fact
  • Company creation
  • modification and deletion of company
  • practise session
  • Ledger catagories
  • ledger
  • Creation
  • modify
  • Amend
  • ledger mapping
  • opening balance entry
  • User maintenance and password configuration
  • Document numbering
  • Layout of profit and loss account
  • Layout of balance sheet
  • Document printing
  • System control
  • System configuration
  • Security right grouping
  • printer selection and driver maintenance
  • Set up vendor/customer
  • Setup salesman / agent
  • Setup item/product and grouping
  • Document class
  • Account confirmation
  • Interest rate
  • User defined field
  • Copy codes from another account
  • Currency creation and rate definition


  • Reindex account/system
  • Recalculate balance
  • Backup and restore of data
  • Export and import of data
  • Year ending procedure
  • Fact exam (at the end of training)