Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks

Course Duration: 15 hours

Adobe Fireworks (formerly Macromedia Fireworks) was a bitmap and vector graphics editor. It was originally developed using parts of Macromedia xRes, which Adobe acquired in 2005. Fireworks is made for web designers for rapidly creating website prototypes and application interfaces.

Fireworks workspace

  • Finding your way around
  • Working with Tabbed Documents
  • Rulers & Guides
  • Panel Group Management
  • Customizing the Workspace
  • Modifying Tool Attributes


  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • Importing Files
  • Using Photoshop/Illustrator files
  • Exporting & the Export Area Tool
  • Creating PDF files

Bitmap Editing

  • Editing Bitmap Objects
  • Resizing Images
  • Floating and Docked Panel Groups
  • The Property Inspector
  • View Magnification
  • Changing the Canvas Color
  • Using the Info Panel
  • Levels Filters
  • Viewing the Gamma Setting
  • Using the Lasso and Polygon Lasso Tools
  • Adding and Subtracting Selections
  • Using the Editing Tools
  • Masking Images
  • Converting Bitmap Selections to Pathsand vice versa

Using Vector Drawing Tools

  • Using Tools(Ellipse/Rectangle/Slice Scaling/Pen/Polygon)
  • Rotating, Grouping & Importing Objects
  • Applying Filters as Live Effects
  • Saving as a Style
  • Adding Live Effects
  • Using the History Panel
  • Masking with Paste Inside
  • The Auto Vector Mask for Quick Fades
  • Trimming the Canvas

Integrating with other Adobe Products

  • Quick Export
  • Building a simple site
  • Working with Metadata
  • Using Fireworks' Tools in Bridge
  • Integrating Fireworks with Photoshop
  • Integration with Dreamweaver & Flash

Adding Text

  • Adding, Aligning and Indenting Text
  • Using Text Editor
  • Using the Line & Sub-Selection Tool
  • Paste Attributes
  • Adding Text along a Path
  • Using Type as a Mask
  • Wrapping Text around objects
  • Setting Text Anti-aliasing

Advanced Techniques

  • Combining Shapes
  • Adding a Gradient
  • Changing the Opacity
  • Using the Intersect and Crop Commands
  • Applying Transformations

Working with Layers

  • Using the Layers Panel
  • Adding and Naming Layers
  • Adjusting the Size and Placement of an Object
  • Renaming and Locking a Layer
  • Showing and Hiding a Layer
  • Picking Colours
  • Using the Rounded Rectangle Tool
  • Adding Texture and a Drop Shadow
  • Changing the Layer Stacking Order
  • Using Single-Layer Editing
  • Setting the Default Colors
  • Aligning Objects

Creating Buttons

  • Using a Button Editor
  • Add/Edit Buttons
  • Adding Name and Link to Buttons
  • Importing Buttons
  • Changing Graphics to Buttons

Creating Slices and Hotspots

  • Interactivity with the Hotspot Tool
  • Working with the Web Layers
  • The Slice tool - Slicing an Image & adding slices
  • Creating Rollovers
  • Adding Frames and Behavior
  • Previewing options

Optimizing and Exporting

  • Using the Export Wizard
  • Exporting JPEG Images & to HTML
  • Previewing in a Browser
  • Using the Quick Export Button

Creating GIF Animations

  • Creating an Animation
  • Using Onion Skinning
  • Sharing a Layer
  • Using Animation Symbols
  • Controlling Playback
  • Optimizing & Exporting a GIF Animation
  • Applying Tweening
  • Tweening Effects

Masking and Pop-Up Menus

  • Creating a Template
  • Masking an Image
  • Masking Using the Layers Panel
  • Using Text as a Mask
  • Creating a Text Slice
  • Add/Edit a Pop-Up Menu