Android Application

Diploma in Android Application

Course Duration: 90 hours

Applications ("apps"), that extend the functionality of devices, are written primarily in the Java programming language (without the usual "write once, run anywhere" claim of the Java platform) using the Android software development kit (SDK).

Java concepts for android programming

  • Data types and array
  • Various predefined class
  • Concepts of object oriented programming
  • Userdefined and predefined functions
  • Actionlistener and Actionperformed

History and scope of android development

  • Android as Open Source Linux Based OS
  • History and overview of Android
  • Scopes and application of Android

Introductions to android basics

  • Emulator or Android Virtual Device.
  • Android Libraries
  • Creating First App (Hello World)
  • Using Emulator.

Familiarizations with XML

  • Develop graphical layout with xml
  • Different components of xml
  • Make colorful layout with xml
  • Attractive layout design for android application

Publish the application to google after development

  • The idea of publishing android application to Google play

Introductions to Onclicklistener

  • Adding onclicklistener to button
  • Changing text with the button click
  • Managing different layouts with the button

Adding images and videos

  • Adding Image files to the application
  • Adding Video to the application

Making use of random class for Number guessing game

  • Using Random class
  • Making its use for developing a number guessing game

Generating Toast messages

  • Concept of toast message
  • Generating a toast message

Developing a project

  • Project development with the new ideas and creativity
  • Discussion of the project and its scope
  • Idea sharing for the project development

Directories of java and xML file

  • The manifest file
  • The acivity.xml file
  • file