Corporate Training in Nepal

The bar for staying competitive in any marketplace keeps rising. Ellipse Institute recognizes that no matter what size your company, your education and training budget needs to show as much return on investment as your other business decisions. Our IT training solutions have kept businesses—from startups to global enterprises—ahead of the technology curve for over 30 years.

Ellipse Institute is Best Computer learning center in Nepal, Ellipse Institute has helped companies see tangible, measurable results by continuously upgrading the capabilities and skills of their most important assets with the most in-demand training solutions.

Our aim to establish the Company is to develop the skills of the people who requires for being effective and efficient as an IT professionals and will use this technology to make the environment efficient for problem solving in real life.

Our motto is simply "We believe in Quality Education." It is through our passion and commitment to our students that we develop a quality education to face real-world challenges.