Web Programming in CSS3

CSS Training in Nepal

Course Duration: 15 hours

Ellipse Institute is Famous IT Training Institute for CSS Training in Nepal.CSS was first developed in 1997. It Stands for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is one of the most popular tools a Web designer can learn because with it you can affect the entire mood and tone of a Web site.

CSS page layout with divs

  • Introduction and History of CSS
  • Using Div Tags and CSS for Page Layout
  • Adding a CSS file/content
  • Styling the contents using Div Tags

The Box model:Padding,Margin,Borders

  • Applying Borders
  • When to Use Padding versus Margins
  • Using Absolute Positioning to Layer a Div over Other Content

Nested selected and more box models

  • Applying Padding/Margins to Headings & Paragraphs
  • Using Nested Selectors for Targeted Formatting
  • Styling Links

Floats and clearing

  • Floating Images beside Text and Adding Margin Space
  • Positioning with Negative Margins

Creating two coloumns with Floats

  • Creating Columns
  • Clearing Floats
  • Fixing an IE “hasLayout” Bug

Min-Width and IE conditional comments

  • Sharing Styles across a Website
  • Setting a Minimum Width
  • Targeting Versions of Explorer with IE Conditional Comments

Using JavaScript to change CSS

  • Making a Div Appear/Disappear when the User Clicks a Button

CSS rollovers

  • Adding Background Images upon Rollover (Hover)
  • Changing Opacity upon Rollover and Getting it to Work in IE

Replacing text with an images using CSS

  • Replacing HTML Text with CSS Background Images
  • Centering Elements with Auto Margins

Rounded corners

  • Creating Rounded Corners with CSS
  • Fallback Rounded Corners with Background Images
  • IE Conditional Comments (IECC)
  • Absolute versus Relative Positioning
  • How Absolute Positioned Divs Relate to Parent Div Tags

Centered2-Column layouts

  • Center Aligning a Div-based Layout
  • Creating a 2-Column Layout with Divs
  • Using Floats and Clear
  • Copying and Pasting CSS Styles between Documents

More absolute versus Relative positioning

  • Using Absolute Positioning inside Relative Positioned Divs
  • Using IE Conditional Comments to Fix Bugs in IE 6

CSS list navbar: Text-Based

  • Creating a Horizontal Text Navbar from an HTML List
  • CSS Text Hovers
  • Dealing with a Div Collapse when All Content Is Floated

CSS sprites Navbar: Images replace text

  • Building a Navbar with CSS Sprites
  • Using Image Replacement in a Navbar
  • Using Lists to Create a Horizontal Navbar
  • CSS Image Rollovers (No JavaScript Required)

Use CSS to indicate current page in Navbar

  • Marking the Current Page in a Navbar with CSS
  • Marking the Body Tag for Use in Nested Selectors
  • Specificity: Understanding Which CSS Styles Win over Others