Course Duration: 15 hours

HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. As of October 2014 [update] this is the final and complete fifth revision of the HTML standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Review Of HTML elements

  • Rules of Syntax
  • Making your Code Readable
  • Making your Code XHTML Compliant
  • Building a Document
  • Using Colors
  • Adding Color to your Page
  • Using Headings
  • Using Paragraphs
  • Using Blockquotes
  • Using Entities
  • Aligning Block-Level Elements

What is Html Table?

  • Building a Table
  • Using the Border Attribute
  • Cell Padding and Cell Spacing
  • Controlling Table and Cell Width
  • Aligning a Table on the Page
  • Aligning Tables and Text
  • Aligning Table Data
  • Spanning Columns and Rows
  • Nesting Tables
  • Adding Color to Tables
  • Using Tables as a Design Tool

HTML forms

  • HTML Tables
  • Row and Col span
  • Table alignment
  • Table Colour
  • Form Tags
  • Submit a Form
  • Upload a File

What is HTML?

  • What is a Web Browser?
  •  What are Versions of HTML?
  •  What can You Do with HTML?
  •  HTML Development Environments
  • Using a WYSIWYG Editor
  •  Using an HTML Editor
  •  Writing Code with a Text Editor
  •  Publishing Documents

Creating a hyperlink

  • Linking to a Web Document
  • Linking to a Local Document
  • Using Bits per channel
  • Opening a New Browser Window
  • Creating a Frameset
  • Adding the Frame Elements
  • Creating the Frames
  • Using the Noframes Element
  • Using Inline Frames

Graphic file format

  • Inserting Inline Images
  • Aligning and Formatting Images
  • Using Images to Anchor Links
  • Creating a Look-and-Feel
  • Sizing and Scaling Images
  • Using Transparent Images
  • Making an Image Fade In
  • Finding and Creating Graphics
  • Using GIF Animation