Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Course Duration: 7 hours

Microsoft Excel is a member of the spreadsheet family of software. Spreadsheets allow you to keep track of data, create charts based from data, and perform complex calculations. Just like a book ledger, spreadsheets store information in columns and rows.

Data Entry And Formatting Techniques

  • Restricting Cell Entries to Specific Numbers, Dates or Times
  • Restricting Cell Entries to Specific Entries in a List
  • Creating a Custom Number Format
  • Applying Conditional Formatting to a Worksheet

Naming Ranges

  • Defining a Range Name
  • Using a Range Name in a Formula
  • Selecting a Named Range

Using Advanced Function

  • Using the VLOOKUP Function
  • Using the HLOOKUP Function Using the DSUM and DAVERAGE Functions

Creating A Custom Workbook Template

  • Creating a New Workbook Template
  • Modifying the Default Workbook Template Style
  • Basing a New Workbook on a Custom Workbook Template

Auditing A worksheet

  • Tracing Precedents and Dependents in a Worksheet
  • Tracing Errors in a Worksheet
  • Watch and Evaluate Formulas

Linking Multiple Workbooks

  • Entering a Formula to Link Multiple Workbooks
  • Creating a Workspace

Filtering And Summarizing Worksheet Data

  • Adding Subtotals to a List
  • Applying an Advanced Filter to a List
  • Outlining a Worksheet

Analyzing Worksheet Data

  • Creating a PivotTable Report
  • Resetting the Summary Function in a PivotTable Report
  • Creating a PivotChart Report
  • Creating and Displaying a Scenario
  • Using the Analysis ToolPak
  • Using Solver

Importing And Exporting Data

  • Importing Data in a Text File into Excel
  • Importing Data in a Database File into Excel
  • Importing Data from a Web Page into Excel
  • Exporting Excel Data to Other Applications

Working With Other Exel Users

  • Tracking Changes in a Workbook
  • Responding to Proposed Changes and Comments in a Workbook
  • Protecting a Shared Workbook
  • Protecting an Unshared Workbook
  • Merging Revised Copies of a Workbook
  • Additional Security Features