Our Values

We are dedicated to excellence in education by providing a highly competent, innovative, and supportive faculty and staff, facilities equipped with current technology, quality academic and occupational programs, and integrity and high standards in teaching, learning, and service.

We are committed to access and affordability of higher education for all students and the delivery of education and support services that will enable students to achieve their individual educational goals in course, skill set, or program completion

We value intellectual and cultural diversity. We believe that all individuals should have an opportunity to learn and succeed in the classroom, in the workplace, and in the community and encourage a diverse student body through open admission and delivery of educational services that support student success.

We value each member of our community; promote free, open and responsible exchange of ideas; foster respect, trust, and support among faculty, staff, and students through shared governance; encourage ethical risk-taking and innovation; recognize exceptional performance and contributions made to our dynamic learning environment.