Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Course Duration: 2 hours

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail client and personal information manager (PIM) that's available as part of Microsoft's Office suite.

Wroking in the Inbox Folder

  • Creating a Signature
  • Using Outlook Stationery
  • Assigning Mail Messages to Categories
  • Searching for Specific Mail Messages
  • Creating a Custom Search Folder
  • Filtering Mail Messages
  • Applying Automatic Formatting to Mail Messages
  • Modifying Message Settings and Delivery Options

Working in the Calender folder

  • Applying Labels to Appointments
  • Assigning Appointments to Categories
  • Proposing a New Meeting Time
  • Reserving Resources for a Meeting
  • Updating a Meeting / Canceling a Meeting
  • Customizing the Calendar

Working in the contacts folder

  • Sending a Mail Message from the Contacts Folder
  • Writing a Letter to a Contact
  • Sending Contact Information in a Mail Message
  • Assigning Contacts to Categories

Woking in the tasks folder

  • Creating and Sending a Task Request
  • Accepting or Declining a Task
  • Delegating a Task
  • Assigning Tasks to Categories

Working in the notes folder

  • Creating a Task from a Note
  • Linking Notes to Contacts / Assigning Notes to Categories
  • Customizing Notes

Working with Email

  • The Inbox
  • Creating an Email
  • Addressing an Email
  • Replying to an Email
  • Forwarding an Email
  • Setting a follow-up flag
  • Printing an Email

Additional intermediate outlook Features

  • Creating a Distribution List
  • Saving Mail Messages in HTML and Text Files
  • Archiving Mail Messages and Other Outlook Items
  • Creating a Custom Outlook View