Adobe Pagemaker

Adobe Pagemaker

Course Duration: 7.5 hours

PageMaker was one of the first desktop publishing programs, introduced in 1985 by Aldus, initially for the then-new Apple Macintosh and in 1987 for PCs running Windows 1.0. As an application relying on a graphical user interface, PageMaker helped to popularize the Macintosh platform and the Windows environment.

Introduction to publishing

  • Overview of traditional publishing
  • Overview of desktop publishing
  • Overview of PageMaker
  • Starting PageMaker

Integrating text and graphics

    • Additional story editor features
    • find/change
    • spellcheck
    • Combining graphics with text
    • Text wrap options and standoff
    • Customising the graphics boundary

Placing and manipulating text

    • Assembling one-page publications by importing
    • Assembling multiple-page publications by importing and placing text from the word processor
    • Text flow options
    • manual
    • automatic
    • semi-automatic
    • Placing text in columns

Importing and manipulating graphics

    • Importing graphics
    • Placing graphics within a document
    • Working with graphics on the pasteboard
    • Cropping a graphic
    • Resizing a graphic

Introduction to selected topics

  • Using a PageMaker template to create a new publication which follows a standard layout
  • Introduction to master pages to create standard layout elements
  • headers/footers
  • page numbers, etc.
  • Introduction to Styles

Introduction to pagemaker

  • Reviewing a completed publication
  • Starting a new publication, including:
  • Page setup
  • Target printer
  • Saving a publication
  • Using the story editor to create and place text
  • Text appearance changes
  • Working with text blocks
  • Enhancing the publication
  • Printing a Publication